About Awaken

Awaken is designed to create a remembrance of the Divinity within you. Each woman has a Divine Power and light within her. Yet, it is easy to forget this, day in and day out. 

And so, Awaken was created to remind you every single day of that greatness that is held within you. 

Each piece of Awaken has been curated and chosen to be that remembrance. 

These stones are healing stones. In the Native American culture, it is believed that when you speak words while wearing the turquoise stone; those words will be manifested. 

The mantras are the powerful words for you to speak as you wear these sacred healing stones. These mantras have power within each one of them.

All of the stones come directly from the Sierra Nevada Turquoise Mine in New Mexico. Each one of the stones has been hand-picked by the creator of Awaken; Keira Poulsen. Keira is an intuitive energetic healer, and has energetically restored and cleaned each and every stone before it comes to you.

No two stones are the same, which means each Awaken bracelet is unique and special. Just as each woman is divinely unique and special


Awaken is more than jewelry.

Awaken is a movement.

A movement to remind women of their inner Divinity. To remind them that no matter who they are, what they look like, what they believe, what they do, or what age they are- they have Divine Worth within them. And when they can remember that, magic and miracles will show up.

You have immense worth.

You have a work to do on this earth.

You are seen as you are.

And you have Divinity within.