My name is Keira Poulsen. And I am a mother to 5 kiddos, a spiritual entrepreneurship coach, and the owner of Freedom House Publishing Co.

I believe deeply that right now it is so important for every human to Rise Up and Awaken to the Joy of Being Human.

When we are in the feeling and the experience of joy, we are able to really show up in our gifts and make a difference in the world.

Suffering has a way of making us stay hidden and live life from a smaller viewpoint.

But this model doesn’t serve us or humanity.

Instead, it is time that we rise up and rally forward in bringing light to this earth.

One of my beliefs is that those who have the most gifts and are deeply needed in the world deal with the heaviest amount of darkness.

And this is why I created this journal.

“The Rise Up and Awaken to the Joy of Being Human” guide and journal will help you rewire you brain patterns to seek joy, notice joy, and feel joy!

It is my intention to help humans rise up in joy, unlock their purpose and pour light on the earth.

Each one of us is a changemaker.

Each one of us is a leader.

And when you can feel more joy in your body on a regular basis, you will begin to awaken the gifts within you and bring light to those around you!


Let us Rise Up and Awaken to the Joy of Being Human!